We are Safaricom Authorized dealers with *36 branches* countrywide and a huge customer base with over 220 employees. In 2009, we were among the Top 100 Mid-sized companies in Kenya and 2nd best performing Safaricom Dealers nationwide.
Established in 2002, Capital Airtime's growth has been inseparably bound to Safaricom's growth from inception as the demand for mobile telephony has been tied to a growth in airtime sales, mobile phone handset sales and line connections. Our subsidiary firm Capital Airtime LTD has given us a competitive edge in the sale of Safaricom airtime, handsets and most recently M-Pesa service.
Our proprietary interests in both our dealerships are exactly the same, i.e Capital Realtime LTD and Capital Airtime LTD. Capital Airtime is currently conducting all the airtime business and related products: lines,SIM replacements etc for both firms. The implication of this is that we can focus more on this and also improve our rankings in both the Dealer of the Year and the top 100 Competitions.Capital Realtime, on the other hand, will "extend from the core" and focus on data, fixed wireless, multimedia and other related product lines on behalf of Safaricom and other non-competing principals. Strategically, this allows us to focus more on these product lines and work our way towards market leadership. Our vision is to be a premier ICT distribution outfit operating within the entire great lakes region of Africa.